There might be a little over a week left before the September call-ups, but the Miami Marlins couldn’t wait.

On Sunday, the Marlins made the decision to bring No. 2 pitcher prospect Edward Cabrera to the major league club. And honestly, Cabrera hasn’t seen this news coming in at all. We can tell from the video.

The 23-year-old from the Dominican Republic was called into the office of Jumbo Shrimp manager (what a name!) Al Pedrique, and Pedrique tried to play cool by asking Cabrera what he was doing on Monday – one day of leave for Jacksonville.

When Cabrera said he was going to rest, Pedrique joked, asking him if he was tired. But once he told Cabrera he wasn’t going to have a day off Monday due to his trip, it all started to make sense.

Cabrera went into the big leagues. The reaction to the news has been so great.

This video is everything.

Cabrera might have been a bit surprised considering his last outing wasn’t the best – he allowed two homers in just four innings of work. But his talent and his strikeout rate (about 15 Ks per 9 innings!) Are undeniable.

He is expected to start Wednesday’s game against the Nationals.