Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has found a way to make an extra $ 1 million in 2020.

Brady’s company TB12 Inc. received a paycheck protection program (P3) loan from the federal government of almost $ 1 million. The data published by the Small business management in december revealed TB12 Inc. received a loan of $ 960,855 in 2020.

Brady’s company received a PPP loan erupted in July, but the exact amount the company received was not known until December. Prior to Small Business Administration data, TB12 Inc. was in the $ 350,000 to $ 1 million level.

In March, Congress and President Donald Trump adopted a $ 2 trillion relief plan to help small businesses and individuals struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PPP loans were intended to support small businesses that were negatively affected by the pandemic. Businesses had to apply for a loan.

TB12 Inc. sells clothing, nutritional supplements and training equipment. Customers can also make appointments with “TB Body Coaches” at training centers in Foxborough and Tampa.

Tom Brady would be worth around $ 200 million

Throughout his 21-year career, Brady has made over $ 200 million in earnings. In January, Fox Business estimated that Brady was worth approximately $ 180 million. Forbes named Brady the 21st highest-paid athlete in May. This figure was based on both Brady’s salary and endorsements.

Brady’s wife – model Gisele Bundchen – had a net worth of approximately $ 400 million Last year.

Brady isn’t the only athlete whose company has received a PPP loan. Boxer Floyd Mayweather and MLB agent Scott Boras have also received PPP loans for their businesses.

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