Educational freedom

Mr. Editor:

One day, I picked up my son from school at the start of kindergarten. The children were in a circle on the carpet surrounding their teacher, who was reading a book aloud. I looked for my son but I did not find him in the group. The teacher saw me and then pointed to his desk. There sat my child. While the other children were listening to a story, he was installing new computer software for the teacher.

Scenes similar to these were repeated throughout his school years. He didn’t learn the same way most other kids did. He didn’t understand why he had to do his homework when he passed all the tests. He quickly got bored and got angry with kids who weren’t as serious about learning as he was.

That changed in high school when representatives from the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts came to give a presentation on the school. After a lot of hard work on his part, my son was accepted to ASMSA.

At first it was tough, and he didn’t think he could do it, but once settled in he excelled. In this more serious environment, its performance, which was previously poor, has improved significantly. Upon graduation, he was accepted into the Honors Program at Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He now lives in Dallas and is a senior cloud project manager for a large telecommunications company.

The choice of school is one of those words which immediately evoke ideological arguments. Any school choice really means that parents have the freedom to make choices that are in the best interests of their children. This is what our family did, and this is what every family should be able to do.

Jennifer hopper


The big lie

Mr. Editor:

Who does what to whom?

There is a joke that is actually true. A billionaire, a worker and an immigrant are in a room and there are 100 cookies. The billionaire takes 99 cookies, then bends down and whispers to the worker that the immigrant is mad at his cookie.

This is in fact what is happening and it is not new. At different times in our history, blacks come for your jobs (civil war propaganda), then women come for your jobs, and then blacks, Mexicans come for your jobs and blah, blah. When what really happens is the billionaires come looking for your work and ship it to China. This is the big lie that many still adhere to, so it is repeated with every generation to keep fighting against our own interests and ignore who the real culprits are. Too many people too quickly come to terms with lies and fail to question the messenger.

Judith Zitko

Hot springs village

The party is over

Mr. Editor:

When Biden / Harris took office four months ago, the average driver could fill the tank for $ 30 and today it would be around $ 45. At the same rate of continued increase, it will only take $ 67 to refuel in September. Energy prices are subject to many factors … flip a coin. Energy prices are a good starting point for determining the true cost of living, and today most of us can eat, drink, and be entertained without taking on another mortgage. It is the end! Many of us are afraid it will get worse. Many billions / trillions of greenbacks have been pumped into our economy through stimulus checks, but they are now a thing of the past. The whole time Biden / Harris was in power, we’ve been under the influence of the stimulus money… the party is over, turn off the lights, watch out, Wall Street. Come to think of it, our future looks very bad!

The New Democrat is pretty mean to Republicans and I hope that relieves itself as it has been pointed out to me (in a very hostile way) that the Republican half of the nation should cease to exist. It’s more than a little scary when you consider that a divided nation is easy prey for our enemies and I’m worried about our grandchildren, there’s a good chance they’ll have to learn another language like Spanish, Chinese and / or Russian to buy, sell or trade. It reminds me of asking why some people think our president is so righteous? Did they really read and understand the beliefs of the New Democrats? I do not think so ! I have seen a lot of them and I am very worried about the grandchildren.

In Los Angeles 40 years ago, it was helpful to be able to speak Spanish to order a burger from the drive-thru box office, so I could appreciate what it must be like today.

The Biden / Harris Cabal brings in thousands of illegal immigrants by plane or bus. It can be good to learn Spanish to better interact with your new neighbor. If you haven’t been vaccinated you should put it at the top of your “to do” list because illegal immigrants, your new (coming) neighbors haven’t been vaccinated. Do you think President Biden has forgotten some things? Surely not!

Darryl Foshee

Hot Springs

“Selective stupidity”

Mr. Editor:

The Democratic Party is aware of Selected Stupidity, in response to the GOP being nearsighted and using selected amnesia with federal spending.

Let’s look at what Democrats stand for: the murder of innocent children through abortion. Funny how the only ones who support abortion are ever born. Where would they be if their mother had decided to end their life?

They promote well-being and incite to break the law. Instead of enforcing legal immigration, they encourage illegal immigration by placing offenders in hotels and giving them meals in restaurants while millions of Americans remain homeless. They are placing children who do not speak English in our public education system, thereby placing a responsibility on educators and costing taxpayers even more money by having to shoulder this burden.

The richest 1% like Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos all donate to the DNC and not the GOP, so who makes them really rich? We live in a capitalist economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and exploitation for profit. Any citizen who is not satisfied with this is free to settle in Venezuela; I’m sure anyone in this country would gladly swap places with you. A top Democrat, Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has decided to only give interviews to people of color. For the past 50 years, America has worked on the principle of being a country that judges a person on their individuality, not their skin color. Lori Lightfoot, however, does the exact opposite and her party condones the behavior instead of fighting it.

This is the party that supports funding the police and letting murderers out of jail earlier or not bail their crimes to begin with. It is the party that tries to reinvent every word by saying that day care centers, care for the elderly and free university are social infrastructures. It is a party that seeks to persecute Israel for retaliating against a bombardment it never deserved. I wonder what the reaction of those Democratic lawmakers would be if they were sitting in their house and a terrorist organization started bombing them. The Sentinel-Record publishes derogatory article after article from the GOP but never manages to publish the rest of the story. In this case, they also show chosen stupidity.

R. Tracy

Hot Springs

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