Using Becton as a springboard, Saleh had specific starting points for his young players hoping and planning to become seasoned NFL veterans in the years to come.

“It’s every player, when you take care of your body, when you are in good shape, when you do whatever you need to do,” he said. “Think about it. Their body is their money generator, and the amount of investment you put into your body is the amount it will return to you. And so that’s part of the learning progression of young men. They have to learn to take care of their bodies, they have to learn to eat well, train well, rest well, stay hydrated and all those different things that lead to longevity in this league.

“Mekhi is a young man, a very talented young man, a very tall young man, and he learns every day what it takes to be a professional and how to take the plunge. So we have a lot of confidence in him, he does everything. what’s needed right now and we’re excited to bring him to training camp and work with him. “

Speaking of huge, Davis was signed early in unrestricted free agency and counts heavily in the Jets’ attacking plans, so any injuries to him are worth watching. But Saleh was not alarmed.

“If it was match week he would be riding,” said the coach. “He’s one of those veterans who really doesn’t really need reps. We have a lot of young guys in our roster, and he’s doing perfectly fine, he’s just working on a few nagging things.”

With Mims, it was not an injury but an illness.

“Mims is battling an illness unrelated to COVID,” Saleh said. “He should be in training today.

Finally, among the missing that Saleh was interviewed was WR Jamison Crowder. Some reporters have seen, with WR Elijah Moore’s editorial staff in the second round, the prospect of Crowder’s departure. The coach said it wasn’t.

“Jamison is working on some stuff on his contract with Joe [Douglas] and his agent, “he said.” I’m really confident we’re going to get Jamison here quickly and when he does he definitely has a role on this team. “

But, Saleh was asked, what are we talking about since Crowder is under contract for the coming season?

“It’s more of a Joe question,” said the coach, later repeating emphatically, “Absolutely, Jamison has a role here.”

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