Pleia Common Court of Putnam County

June 14th

Danny L. Lewis, 46, 1035 Heritage Trail, Ottawa pleaded guilty to an amended charge of robbery, violated a restraint order, broke into a home and committed a major theft. He faces up to nine years in prison and a $ 30,000 fine. A decision was rendered at 8:30 a.m. on July 29 and the bail continued during the ongoing investigation. The allegations of violent assault, domestic violence, obstruction of public services and violation of protection orders were dismissed.

Rogelio L. Pardo, 40, 240 N. Walnut St., Apt. C. Ottawa was convicted of aggravating drug possession and sentenced to up to 12 months in prison and fined $ 2,500. Bonds continued during the attendance inquiry, which was set for 8:30 a.m. on July 12. Another charge was dismissed. It was also found to be in violation of community management standards. A judgment on the matter will be rendered at the same time.

New case

Stephen J. Schmidt, Columbus Grove, and Stacy M. Schmidt, Harrod. Dissolution of marriage without children.

Marina Pena, Leipzig, c. Victor Pena Jr., Leipzig; divorce with a child.

Disposition of Municipalities in Putnam County

June 10

Nathaniel J. Murphy, 36, 231 E. Zenia Drive, apt. D. Fairborn was convicted of not opposing the consumption of cars. Judgment: One day, he was fined $ 150 in prison.

Craig J. Burris, 35, 940 E. Second St., and Ottawa were found guilty of disagreeing with the amended impaired driving charges. Conviction: Fine of $ 500, having completed 100 hours of community service.

June 14th

Matthew T. Harpe, 48, 2600 Hulick St., Findlay pleaded guilty to exacerbating trespassing. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, 176 days suspension, $ 150 fine. He was first accused of threatening witnesses in criminal and domestic violence cases in civilian court. According to court records, Harp was charged with deliberately threatening physical violence against “Jane Doe” on January 25. His police. The procedure was dismissed on June 15.

June 17

Michael J. Moore, 29, 125½ S. Wheeler St., Mount Victory, was charged with kidnapping and non-compliance, and was held in a joint petition court on both felony counts.

Erin L. Douglas, 30, 137 E. Espy St., Kenton, was charged with aiding and abetting and two felony counts, both indicted, were held by a joint petition court.

At 11:48 p.m. on June 10, the Ottawa Police Department attempted to stop the 1995 Cadillac Eldorado driven by Michael J. Moore, according to a report from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. At high speed.

The chase led police to Hancock County and then to Putnam County, where the vehicle began to stop behind the Pandora-Gilboa School. Moa and Douglas fled to nearby forests. Douglas was arrested by the K9 unit of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Moore was detained without incident. Two anonymous passengers were released free of charge. Pandora Police Station, Columbus Grove Police Station, Ohio Highway Patrol, Pandora EMS, Putnam County EMS, and an impressive towing vehicle supported the incident.

Michael G. Dunbar, 58, 210 Max St., Ottoville was convicted by an OVI jury. Judgment: 180 days imprisonment, 135 days suspension, $ 525 fine, full drug and alcohol assessment. He was also found guilty of criminal damages. Judgment: 90 days imprisonment, suspension. He was also fined $ 50 for going out of control.

Putnam County City Judgment

June 14th

Velocity Investments, LLC, Wall, NJ, Consent Order Against Robert Olds, Continental, $ 1,592.12, and Interest and Expenses.

Lima Radiological Associates, Consent Decree v. Anthony A. Hernandez, Ottawa, $ 310.82, and Interest and expenses.

June 15

BCG Equities, LLC, Brookfield, Wisconsin, Default Judgment v. MarkA. Pedroza, Leipzig, $ 2,805.75, and interest and expenses.

Cincinnati Westfield Fire Department, default judgment against Jona E. Shank, Columbus Grove, $ 960, and interest and expenses.

Crown Asset Management, LLC, Columbus, Default Judgment v. ChristineM. Bixler, Pandora, $ 1,984.18, and interest and expenses.

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