After five months, the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) successfully returned to the national capital market, placing sovereign bonds for a total amount of S / 170 million (approximately $ 43 million) on said Marlet.

Said placement was made in the face of reduced volatility and uncertainty, by announcing the sale of 2029E and 2032 sovereign bonds, for a benchmark amount of S / 50 million (US $ 12.6 million) and a maximum amount of S / 100 million (US $ 25.3 million) for each debt obligation.

The auction, held Thursday as part of the market maker program, was well received, as evidenced by strong demand, which reached a total of 1.547 billion shillings ($ 391 million).

The 2029E bond attracted demand for S / 710 million (US $ 179 million), of which S / 70 million (US $ 17.7 million) was awarded at a rate of return of 5.26%.

On the other hand, the 2032 bond saw a demand for $ 837 million (US $ 211 million), of which $ 100 million (US $ 25.3 million) was awarded at a rate of return of 5.80 %.

It should be noted that the amount invested is intended to obtain resources that will be allocated to the financing of public investment projects – which are currently being implemented – under the responsibility of the National Government, as well as regional and local governments. .


Posted: 10/15/2021

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