Zhejiang Free Trade Zone Ningbo Zone Construction Plan Released

The Ningbo Municipal Government recently released “The Construction Plan for the Pilot Free Trade Zone of the Ningbo Region of China (Zhejiang)”. According to the overall requirements and the functional positioning of the Ningbo area, it will accelerate the construction of the integrated development of the “core area, link area and radiation area”.

The Ningbo area has a core area of ​​46 km2, of which 20.4 km2 in Daxie, 7.8 km2 in Meishan and 17.8 km2 in the overall bonded area. Daxie is a functional space for the entire chain of the oil and gas industry, innovation in new materials and the international maritime hub; Meishan is a functional area of ​​international supply chain innovation, creating an international supply chain innovation center with global influence; Comprehensive bonded zone is a new type of international trade and intelligence demonstration zone for the development of high-quality manufacturing industry.

According to the “Plan”, the strategic functional positioning of the Ningbo region is “a hub, three centers and a demonstration area”, namely, an international shipping and logistics hub, an international allocation center of oil and gas resources, an international supply chain innovation center, a new global innovation center in materials science and technology, a demonstration area for the development of high-quality global smart manufacturing. By 2025, an open institutional system compatible with a functional positioning and a first-rate national business environment will be formed. By 2035, a very open institutional system, regulatory model and business environment with Chinese characteristics will be formed in full compliance with international standards, and a higher level of investment and trade liberalization will be achieved, which will become a new summit for reform and to open it into the new era.

The “Plan” essentially clarifies the spatial arrangement of the Ningbo area. In addition to the core area, the Zhejiang Free Trade Pilot Zone and Ningbo Linkage Innovation Zone approved by the provincial government cover an area of ​​119.87 square kilometers, of which 70.56 square kilometers are port area (covering Zhenhai, Beilun, Meishan, Daxie and related areas of the bonded area) and 8.71 square kilometers of sky area (covering Haishu and other related areas), 15 square kilometers of Yongjiang area (covering Zhenhai, Yinzhou and high-tech areas and other related areas), and 25.6 square kilometers of Qianwan (covering the related areas of Qianwan New Area).

In the future, the Linkage Innovation Zone will take the initiative to copy and promote the political system of the central domain, prioritizing the layout of large industrial projects and public service platforms, and training a model of synergy with complementary advantages, sharing of resources, exchanges of policies and global arrangement with the central zone.

In addition, the “radiation area” which undertakes the expansion of functions, project implementation and industrial radiation of Ningbo area, includes the whole area of ​​Jiangbei, Fenghua, Yuyao, Cixi, Ninghai, Xiangshan and other districts and counties (cities), as well as other central areas and linkage areas in Ningbo administrative area to build an integrated and open development system in Ningbo.

Focused on the construction of the Ningbo Zone of the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, the “Plan” also proposes seven major tasks such as the establishment of a free and convenient open institutional system, the construction of a hub. international transport and logistics, the construction of an international oil and gas resource. allocation center, and formulates 28 measures including a financial management system that facilitates the collection and payment of funds and the promotion of the open development of the shipment management system

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