Moore is running for re-election because she enjoys working with Kelso’s superintendent, school board, staff and students, she said.

“I think public education is really one of the most important aspects of democracy,” Moore said. “I am very keen to continue our work of having children in school safe and staff in school safe. “

She said that in-person learning is vital and that its main goal is “to provide children with the education and services they need that we can provide and do it face to face where possible”.

The district’s emphasis on socio-emotional learning is also a central point, she said “coming out of all the challenges of recent years”.

Moore’s previous tenure taught her to be ready for anything, she said, and to make sure there is a plan and a strong team in place.

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“We don’t know what the next challenge will be,” she said. “The only thing we know is that something new will always happen.”

The board is doing a good job with its relations with the community and other organizations like the health department, Moore said, and could still improve its facilities.

“COVID has really made us look at the actual physical environment that school takes place in and I think we need to keep doing that and make sure we’re making the right choices,” she said.

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