HAIKOU / China /, December 1. / TASS /. Yazhouwan Innovation Development Zone spurred the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port this year, becoming an important factor in increasing the gross regional product of China’s southernmost province, data shows. published by Chinese media with reference to official sources.

The China Daily reported that the Seed Breeding Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Yazhouwan is playing an increasingly important role in stimulating economic growth in Hainan. In the future, its importance as a key national center for food security is expected to grow steadily.

“The aim of the research institute is to consolidate dispersed research and to ensure cooperation among scientists who are currently working on problem-solving on their own,” the newspaper said, citing the president of CAAS, Tan Huajun. He noted that the new research and production organization, established in May, “will enable specialists to eliminate key problems in seed production.”

Officials say the Sanya Seed Research Center has already attracted $ 1.53 million in investment for six selective breeding projects, with around 90 people working there.

New sources of growth

Local authorities have encouraged the establishment of two strategic facilities in the Yazhouwan Innovation Zone, which will strengthen the province’s humanitarian cooperation ties, reported the Hainan Daily. In particular, they will promote economic modernization.

The facilities in question are a center of cultural innovation and an international cultural service center. It is assumed that they will play the role of “friendly exchange platform”, increase the attractiveness of the city of science on the international scene, attract more foreign professionals, improve the business atmosphere, stimulate international trade and cultural diversity.

In addition, the Sanya Daily newspaper reported that Yazhouwan recently established a big data research center for brand communications. Its task is to develop marketing strategies for the effective use of brands and to elevate their status in the market.

This structure was created with the participation of a Chinese company called IFlytek, specializing in artificial intelligence technologies. It will promote the search for perspective solutions with the use of a number of advanced developments and it assumes the use of a new generation of 5G mobile communication, as well as cloud services.

Changes in the legal sphere

According to the Hainan International Communications Network, this year, the Yazhouwan Innovation Zone changed the rules for registering and starting infrastructure construction to accelerate the development of knowledge-intensive enterprises and high-tech. The changes to the regulations are still being tested.

For example, during the development of a site on the territory of the city of sciences, the tenant will no longer have to send a preliminary draft for examination to the authorities and then wait for their decision. At the same time, the company responsible for the site will be required to ensure high quality work. The new rules do not apply to energy, irrigation or transportation projects, nor to civilian facilities that store explosive materials or are involved in the storage of confidential information.

In addition, according to the Hainan Daily, Sanya Science City recently established a Civic Legislative Initiatives Center which will help strengthen the legal framework for scientific and technological development. There are only 22 of these structures in China. They study the opinions of various groups and take their wishes into account when developing new laws or amending existing laws and regulations.

“Yazhouwan is one of the key innovative development zones of Hainan Free Trade Port, and its mission is to boost the development of agriculture and maritime industries,” commented the Legislative Commission of the Standing Committee of National People’s Assembly (Parliament). the creation of the center. “Proposals from high-tech companies and research organizations will be considered through the center. Legal drafting activities at the regional level will become more focused. “

“Yazhouwan is located on the coast of the South China Sea and is one of the 11 key innovative development projects in Hainan Free Trade Port. The area allocated for science-intensive enterprises and other infrastructure facilities exceeds 26 square kilometers. Organizations located in the territory of this scientific city are engaged in projects in the field of selective breeding and modern agriculture, deep sea research, astronautics, network technology, medicine and finance. According to the plans of the Chinese government, these research institutes and enterprises should accelerate the formation of a developed research and production complex on the island. “

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