Ask Aaron Rodgers (who had Davante Adams in Green Bay), Drew Brees (who relied heavily on Michael Thomas before he retired to New Orleans) or Tom Brady (who won with many anonymous receivers in New England before. to join a group loaded Tampa Bay List last year). Mahomes, who signed a massive extension last summer, is entering the point in his career where his price will increase dramatically. Although Over The Cap puts his cap for 2021 at $ 7.4 million after restructuring his contract, Mahomes is expected to be $ 35.8 million against the cap in 2022, and the figure only increases to go from there. The more money the quarterback earns, the more critical it becomes for teams to develop weapons instead of buying them. Most great quarterbacks only have one or two high caliber pass catchers to lean on. Mahomes spent the first three years of his starting career playing with threes, thanks to the presence in this period of Sammy Watkins, who has gone in free agency this offseason.

The Chiefs have been quite open about the lingering bad taste of their 31-9 loss to Tampa Bay in Super Bowl LV. As much as people point out the Kansas City offensive line injuries in this contest, which also couldn’t be overlooked, were the receiver’s limitations that night. All of the other receivers not named Hill or Kelce, many of whom Mahomes listed in that previous quote, did nothing of note in this game. When Mahomes needed to do a play, he couldn’t rely on anyone other than his stars.

In retrospect, this contest was a potential glimpse into the future of Mahomes and the Chiefs. It showed what life could be like with a porous offensive line and only a few receivers that could tell the difference. The Chiefs have used this offseason to invest heavily in the line, trading for Orlando Brown, signing Joe Thuney, Austin Blythe and Kyle Long and drafting Creed Humphrey to ensure Mahomes is never without proper protection this fall. What they couldn’t do was find a way to lure another wide receiver to Kansas City to provide the kind of threat Watkins offered on days when he was actually healthy.

JuJu Smith-Schuster has decided he would rather stay in Pittsburgh for another season than sign with the Chiefs as a free agent. TY Hilton made a similar decision (staying with the Colts), while Josh Reynolds picked the Tennessee Titans over a place in a more user-friendly system like Kansas City. These moves have left the Chiefs in a situation where they have to rely on certain receivers like they never have before. It also means Mahomes will have to distribute the ball more wisely than he did last year. Chances are you’ll see more targets for running backs like Clyde Edwards-Helaire Dar, Darrel Williams, and Jerick McKinnon.

“We’re always implementing new things, adding new things to the offense, trying different things here and there,” Mahomes said. “We have these running backs that can catch the ball so well out of the backfield so why not use them? Clyde, Jerick, Darrel, Darwin (Thompson), all these guys, they’re really good at running and catching the ball, running routes and going into space. So using them as well as using tight ends and using the receivers which are obviously so special. I think you will see a wide variety of things. [that we’ll] go into the season with it, and that’s what you want to be with a good offense. “