KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – Tennessee’s 2020 TCAP scores show statewide loss of learning due to the pandemic. To help return students to pre-pandemic levels, Knox County Schools have created a number of short and long term goals to help students.

“The effect of the pandemic on student progress has been devastating, but we are committed to doing all we can to close the gaps in academic achievement and accelerate learning,” said the Deputy Superintendent and Director of Studies, the Dr Jon Rysewyk. “We need to get our students back on track and move forward. “

Knox County saw a decline in proficiency in every grade level and subject except US History until the spring of 2019. Knox County schools outperformed the state in the rate of combined jurisdiction, but the data shows a 3% decrease in the district compared to 2019 data.

The district has identified ways to mitigate learning losses using ESSER 3.0 funds. These include creating a tutoring program for elementary, middle and secondary schools with a focus on K-2 literacy and math, a bridging program to support students in incoming grades and grades 6 and 6. Grade 9, and provide incentives for teachers to use planning periods to help students recover their credits. .

The district also plans to improve teacher training, expand its partnership with Helen Ross McNabb for additional mental health support, and develop a Newcomer Academy for students learning English.

The ESSER 3.0 Fund is a federal grant program of the American Rescue Plan. Knox County schools received $ 114,112,117.74. Below is the full ESSER 3.0 Plan for Knox County Schools:

Knox County students can access their TCAP score reports through the Tennessee Department of Education’s TCAP Family Portal.

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