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As fuel prices continue to climb, new modeling predicting the domestic railroad could cut transportation costs for some agricultural products by nearly $100 a ton. CSIRO found that a shift from road to domestic rail could reduce freight transportation costs by up to $213 million per year. Horticulture would be the biggest benefactor, saving up to $99.21 per ton. Farmers could save $48.87 per tonne, livestock transportation costs could drop by 9% while transportation of processed foods would be reduced by $57.82 per tonne. The report also forecast a reduction of $62 per tonne (31%) for regional intermodal freight to and from major metropolitan centers and ports. Deputy Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Barnaby Joyce said the savings justified the $14.5 billion project, which is expected to be completed by 2027. Joyce. “Reducing freight costs for businesses and industries along the route means they can grow and hire more Australians, helping regional economies to grow in the future.” road to rail will reduce the cost of transporting goods and goods to ports and better facilitate the sale of products, such as coal, which underpin our standard of living. Simon Birmingham said this would help provide freight companies with more competition. “CSIRO’s modeling shows how Inland Rail could reduce transport costs for over 90 goods across Australia,” he said. “This underscores the importance of building a national freight network that gives producers and businesses better access to national and international markets at competitive prices.”


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