Cotton picking in India will increase

According to on cotton and Indian products for 2021-2022, the country’s cotton crop would be higher as lint prices firmed.

Despite the fact that October rains in some parts of the country disrupted arrivals, there is a possibility of greater picking as farmers seek higher yields from the crop.

the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) in Mumbai predicted India’s cotton production for the season at 28 million bales, which equates to around 359 lakh bales (each of 170 kg). The production estimates are consistent with the Cotton Association of India (CAI) prediction of 360.13 lakh bullets cotton harvest – an increase of 7 lakh balls from 353 lakh bullets estimated for 2020-21.

High prices

“Due to the high prices of seed cotton at the farm, the number of pickings will probably be higher as the farmers expect better price realization,” he noted in his report released on December 7.

According to the USDA report, producer prices of Shankar-6 variety in Gujarat have increased by 31% since October. The costs of processing ginned cotton are currently estimated at Rs.64900 per candy (each of 356 kg) compared to Rs. 57000 at the beginning of October.

“Cotton picking continues in central and southern India, where farmers are advised to drain excess water from the standing crop and watch for bollworm infestations and sucking pests. The report said, adding that rains in parts of northern and central India also delayed the harvest.

Production projection

the Union government cotton production projected for the year to 362.19 lakh bullets in his first quote for the kharif cultures, released in September this year – almost 10 lakh bullets more than the 353.84 lakh bullets reported last year. Later on November 12, the Cotton Production and Consumption Committee (COCPC) released its cotton estimates for the marketing year 2021/22, anticipating a flat production of 362 lakh bullets.

Cotton inputs are estimated at around 53.3 lakh bullets a son November 25.

Current harvest arrivals represent 14.7% of total production expected for the marketing year 2021/22. Arrivals during the same period last year were 22% higher.

According toUSDA report, the pace of arrivals is expected to accelerate in the coming weeks as the weather improves and the harvest accelerates.

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