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Gabby Petito’s parents believe Brian Laundrie is still alive, recall hearing tragic news
Gabby Petito’s parents have described in heartbreaking detail the times they learned their 22-year-old daughter’s remains were believed to have been find in Wyoming after she’s been missing for weeks, and say they think her fiance, Brian Laundrie, is still alive.

Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt, Gabby’s mother and father, and her almost lifelong in-laws Tara Petito and Jim Schmidt, sat down for an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw which aired on his show Tuesday. The approximately 30-minute interview covered topics ranging from Nichole Schmidt’s first idea that his daughter was not doing well; the text messages Gabby’s parents sent to Laundrie’s parents; and their belief that he is hiding.

Almost all four parents were scattered across the country when the FBI told them on Sept. 19 that they “had information they wanted to share,” Schmidt recalls.

With Jim Schmidt in Wyoming, he met law enforcement officers in a conference room at the hotel where he was staying, he said. As he entered the room for the meeting that day, Jim could see through a window an FBI agent rushing to meet him. He later learned it was because the agent wanted to share the news before the news broke.

“They described to me a piece of clothing that matched one of his favorite sweatshirts that we knew to be… his,” recalls Jim Schmidt. “We were all crying in the room. You know, we couldn’t believe it, because we had hope. I knew what we were potentially going to find coming here.”

The others joined the meeting by conference call, where they learned that the FBI had found the remains of a body that matched Gabby’s physical description. Through tears, Petito’s mother described to McGraw learning that investigators had “found remains.” CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
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Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of trying to “silence parents”
Republican House Leader Kevin mccarthy was aiming for a new Department of Justice policy to crack down on alleged “threats of violence” against school officials, saying it was part of a Democrats’ effort to muzzle parents.

“President Biden’s latest move is part of a disturbing trend by the Democratic Party to silence parents,” McCarthy of California said on Twitter Tuesday. “We should encourage family participation in our schools, not baselessly attack opposing views because left-wing groups want to control the programs.”

At stake is a new effort by DOJ to tackle an alleged increase in violence and threats directed against school boards and other school officials. Many parents have attended meetings across the country to voice their displeasure with COVID-19 restrictions and the use of Critical Race Theory in curriculum.

“Threats against public officials are not only illegal, they go against the fundamental values ​​of our country,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. says effort in a statement Monday. “Those who devote their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive an appropriate education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their jobs without fear for their safety. “

Garland has called on federal law enforcement to work with state and local law enforcement to discuss the “disturbing trend” in harassment directed at school officials.

But in a statement Tuesday, McCarthy accused the democrats to be guilty of their own “disturbing tendency”, arguing that the new Justice Department effort was an attempt to “prevent parents from having a say in the education of their own children.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– Senator Hawley denounces President Biden for arming DOJ against parents using FBI to silence them
– Senator Tom Cotton condemns Biden administration for “sickening” federal government over affected parents: “dangerous overbreadth”
– Missouri AG denounces DOJ directive as “unconstitutional extension” of federal power as criticism escalates
– DOJ’s ‘politicization’ of Biden continues with new efforts to tackle threats to school boards, critics say
– Blackburn confronts MP AG Monaco about the crackdown on alleged harassment of school officials

Biden faces hostile Michigan protesters as he arrives to promote blockade agenda
President Biden traveling to Michigan Tuesday to promote his “Build Better” blocking program – but found a group of angry protesters waiting for him not far from the site where he gave his speech.

Biden’s opponents at Howell numbered around 500, the Detroit Free Press reported, many of whom participated in profane chants against the president. Howell is located roughly halfway between Detroit and the state capital of Lansing.

At one point, the demonstrators applauded when a green front loader with a “No Biden” sign drove through the road, according to the newspaper.

Another sign in the crowd read “Build Back Broke,” the Detroit News reported.

Many in the crowd told Detroit’s FOX 2 that they didn’t like the size of the Democrats’ proposed $ 1.5 trillion infrastructure bill or the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. dollars on backstop spending that most members of Biden’s party hope to adopt as a package.

“The money has to come from somewhere,” protester Londa Gatt told FOX 2. “You can’t keep printing it.”

The president said his program was designed as a “reinvestment” in America to keep the United States competitive in the global economy for years to come. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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– Missouri killer executed despite appeals, issues latest statement
– New poll indicates ‘worrying trend’ for Democrats
– Do you have $ 600 in your bank account? IRS wants to take a peek inside
– Lieutenant Governor of Idaho issues executive order on vaccines while government is away; Little says he will cancel it
– Nashville shooting leaves ATF agent seriously injured; dead suspect
– Hillary Clinton announces new book that looks strangely familiar

– Biden says Democrats could take drastic action to raise debt ceiling without GOP
– How Yellen reacted to Democrats’ $ 1 trillion idea to avoid debt ceiling threat
– NAACP wants to meet with Zuckerberg over “hate and misinformation” on the platform
– Tech giant drops bomb on whistleblower after scathing testimony before Senate
– Democrats’ lockdown signals change of mind on Biden’s socialist spending bill
– Netflix’s “Squid Game” places the South Korean won in the category of the most googled currencies


Fox News’ Tucker carlson tore up Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday following a memo released this week ordering the FBI and other Department of Justice entities to focus on identifying and prosecuting threats of violence and harassment of school officials and members of the board of directors.

“Crime – real crime, real violence, real murders, not metaphorical violence, hate crimes, but real violence, where people shoot each other and die – is increasing dramatically faster than ever in American history. “said the host on”Tucker Carlson tonight. “” What is the Biden administration doing about this? Nothing. Because many of these people are their constituents, their political allies. And speaking of political allies, the administration has no problem when its political allies terrorize US senators sitting in the toilet. “

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