Minister of Energy Gamini Lokuge

The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers Association (FTZMA) has expressed serious concern over the planned two-hour power outage.

In a letter to Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge, FTZMA said the power cuts could have very tragic effects on the lifeline of the economy as it would hamper the country’s exports. which bring much-needed foreign currency to the country.

“Some of the main areas of impact are the timely processing, production and delivery of goods in accordance with the deadlines set by international buyers and also affects the operation of most manufacturing plants which require an uninterrupted power connection in order to operate their factories day and night,” FTZMA said.

Minister Lokuge was informed that power failure is apparently a very tedious task faced by factories which are unable to invest in power generators. “Those who could afford to use emergency generators will have to bear an extraordinary cost of production, which will cause their export product to become more expensive than that of the standard selling price, which will make them uncompetitive in the markets. export,” the letter reads.

“We therefore urge you to please intervene in this matter urgently and avoid implementing any power outages in the locations of all free zones in the country, thus ensuring an uninterrupted power supply which is an integral part of infrastructure committed by the government to foreign investors in the country as per the agreement signed with the BOI,” FTZMA Minister Gamage informed.

He also said that the continued power supply was even promised by the former CEB Chairman to the BOI as well as the Minister of State for Aviation and Export Areas Development DV Chanaka. The FTZMA said it looked forward to urgent action from Energy Minister Lokuge to allow the companies to continue operating without any disruption.