The following research was performed by Christine Short, vice president of research at Wall Street Horizon.

Conferences, forums, summits and trade shows are some of the most important events that traders should put on their calendar. Stock-specific information is often released at these meetings of executives, analysts and industry experts.

When it comes to keeping up with the hundreds of investor conferences per quarter, staying informed is a challenge for traders and portfolio managers. Wall Street Horizon reports on more than a dozen derivative instruments from investor conferences spanning 9,000 companies worldwide.

Questions to ponder

  • Is retail ready for booming consumer demand this holiday season?
  • Are executives and the world’s largest companies comfortable raising workers’ wages?
  • How are oil and gas companies responding to emerging challenges and alternative energy priorities?
  • What innovations will the Technology and Health sectors bring us?
  • Are regulations on the way for mega-cap stocks that continue to gain market share?
  • Is cryptocurrency an opportunity or a threat to the financial sector?

Upcoming investor conferences and calendar

Our data reveals a total of 1,019 face-to-face investor conferences, while 128 are held virtually. 63 events have gone from face-to-face to virtual in recent weeks. Using Wall Street Horizon’s corporate event data, institutional traders can identify and analyze periods of high volume events to prepare for volatility.

Classified by size of sectoral groupings

Information technology and communication services

October 18-21 – Gartner IT Symposium / Xpo 2021
October 19 – Baird Commerce Technology 2021 Symposium
November 10 – JP Morgan Digital Twin 2021 Seminar
November 16 – RBC Capital Markets Global Technology, Internet, Media & Telecommunications (TIMT) 2021 Conference
November 17-18 – Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media & Telecom Conference 2021
November 29 – December 2 – 25th Annual Credit Suisse Technology, Media & Telecommunications Conference 2021

This conference goes beyond basic technology companies. A featured company speaking at the event is SolarEdge Technologies (SEDG), a leader in the global power electronics industry. In the face of rising commodity prices, skyrocketing electricity prices in Europe and a persistent shortage of semiconductors, portfolio managers should pay close attention to the management team’s comments. It’s a busy time for SEDG – the company is also expected to speak at the UBS 2021 European virtual conference to be held November 8-10, while its Q3 2021 results date is November 2 (after market close). , not-confirmed).

Health care

October 4-5 – HealthTech Innovation Days 2021
October 6-7 – Goldman Sachs Small / Mid Cap Health Day 2021
November 8-11 – 30th Annual Credit Suisse Healthcare Conference 2021
November 9-10 – 9th International Conference on mRNA Health

The rapidly advancing mRNA drugs will be discussed in detail at this face-to-face conference in Berlin and available virtually. After a year of breakthroughs, all eyes are on the future of mRNA vaccines. Industry experts from business and academia will speak and participate.

November 16-18 – Jefferies 12th Annual London Global Healthcare Conferesince 2021
December 8 – Edwards Lifesciences Corp. Investor Conference, McKesson Investor Day

Consumer discretionary and staples

October 14 – Hormel Foods Corp. Analyst Day. and investor update

We presented Hormel Foods (HRL) as an outlier in our results at the end of August Outlook event data. Rising material prices and rising feed costs were seen as a significant risk to the business. The stock had hesitated in recent months as investors grew increasingly concerned about the global inflationary outlook. Stocks slipped again following a disappointing earnings reaction. Shareholders are now looking forward to an important Analyst Day where executives will comment on the latest macroeconomic trends and company-specific initiatives.

November 3 – Berenberg Video Gaming Conference 2021

The global video game niche was a strong market before the pandemic. It got hotter once the world was stuck at home under lockdowns and quarantines. Then came a raw material supply crisis earlier this year before another hammer hit the industry in Chinese repression. A featured company at this event is CD Projeky SA (CDR.PL), a Poland-based holding company engaged in the development of video games. The stock has cracked over the past year after surging in 2019 and the first eight months of 2020. CDR.PL is also expected to present at the Erste Bank Finest CEElection Investor 2021 conference on October 4-6 and once again. more in Spain at the Morgan The Stanley European Technology, Media & Telecom conference was held November 17-19 ahead of the company’s confirmed third quarter results date of November 29. Interestingly, on September 9 the results date was postponed from the original November 30 date.

November 8 – JP Morgan Global Consumer, Retail and Luxury Conference 2021
November 16-17 – Jefferies West Coast Consumer Conference 2021
November 18 – Bank of America Consumer and Retail Conference 2021

Finance and real estate

October 1st – To openn 2021 Banking Security-Cyber ​​Security Summit
October 19 – Apollo Global Management Investor Day

Private equity firms have record amounts of dry powder to make deals. While it’s been a blockbuster IPO market recent and recent performance of After-sales service were catastrophic. There are many opposing views in the investment management, hedge fund and private securities industries. Apollo (APO) will present his thoughts as well as an overview of the company’s long-term growth strategy at this face-to-face Investor and Analyst Day. The event follows its October 1 shareholders meeting and precedes the unconfirmed third quarter results date of October 28.

November 8-9 – Goldman Sachs, 13th Annual CEEMEA 1 × 1 Conference
November 18 – JMP Securities Financial Services and Real Estate 2021 conference
November 25 – Berenberg Real Estate Paris 2021 seminar


November 18 – Ingersoll Rand Investor and Analyst Meeting
November 30 – Goldman Sachs Industrials Conference 2021
November 1-3 – 9th Annual Credit Suisse Industries Conference 2021
December 3 – Societe Generale Premium Review Industrials Conference 2021

Energy and utilities

October 4 – Stifel ESG & Impact Summit 2021
November 15-18 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference – ADIPEC 2021
November 18 – 6th Annual Lithium and Battery Supply Chain Conference
November 30 – Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras Day New York

Brazil, a key emerging market for global growth, suffered steep stock market losses after a strong start to the year. Oil prices have been rising in recent times, often a boon for the resource-dependent country, but shares of Petrobras (PBR) fell from their T2 peak. PBR was a $ 300 billion market capitalization giant at its peak in 2008, but is now a shell of itself. Investors and analysts are hoping for a bullish oil outlook throughout the company’s three public meetings with analysts (November 30 – NY, December 2 – London, December 7 – Brazil).


November 11 – Goldman Sachs Annual Materials Conference 2021
November 16-17 – 15th Annual RBC Mining & Materials Global Conference 2021
December 2 – Glencore plc Investor Day


October 4 – Deutsche Bank dbAccess 29th Annual Leveraged Finance Conference 2021
October 12-14 – Berenberg UK Opportunities Conference 2021
November 8 – Goldman Sachs EMEA 2021 Conference
November 9-10 – Berenberg US CEO Conference 2021
November 10 – Bank of America Mexico Year Ahead 2021
November 16-19 – Credit Suisse Equity Forum Switzerland 2021
November 29 – Societe Generale Premium Review Week Mid & Small Caps Conference 2021
December 6-9 – Berenberg 2021 European Conference
December 14 – Berenberg Swiss Seminar 2021

Investor specific

October 5-7 – Societe Generale ESG / ISR 2021 Conference

ESG investing continues to be a hot topic among portfolio managers. Flows to the thematic investment niche have increased in recent years – a brief COVID-19 hiccup barely fits on the chart. In fact, stakeholders now see the “S” as increasingly important as the pandemic progresses. Public opinion no doubt shows that companies must ensure the well-being of employees and customers. This SocGen ESG / SRI conference will be one of the most important corporate events of the quarter to hear industry voices. Investors will learn about the latest themes in socially responsible investing as we move into the post-pandemic world.

October 20-21 – JP Morgan Asia Credit Conference 2021

Fears of a resurgence of Asian contagion were on the minds of traders in September. Evergrande, once a leader in Chinese real estate development, saw bond prices deteriorate over the summer as investors braced for the company’s demise. For now, systemic risks appear contained, but that could change in the near future. The JP Morgan Asia Credit Conference should be one of the events to mark in your calendar for the latest thoughts on this evolving situation.

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Wall Street Horizon provides institutional traders and investors with the most accurate and comprehensive forward-looking event data. Covering 9,000 businesses worldwide, we offer more than 40 types of corporate events through a range of delivery options ranging from machine-readable files to API solutions to streaming streams. By keeping clients informed of critical market events and event revisions, our data enables financial professionals to take advantage of or avoid the volatility that follows.


Christine Short, vice president of research at Wall Street Horizon, focuses on publishing research on Wall Street Horizon event data covering 9,000 global stocks in the market. Over the past 15 years in the financial data industry, his research has been widely reported in the financial media, including regular appearances on networks such as CNBC and Fox to talk about corporate earnings and the economy.

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