The Debt Management Office (DMO) said the federal government would become a more active issuer in the FMDQ green stock exchange, which aims to encourage green financing and sustainability in Nigeria.

This was revealed by DMO Managing Director Patience Oniha during a speech during the launch of the FMDQ Green Exchange and the partnership agreement with the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) in Lagos.

The boss of DMO said the current trend for green bonds indicates that the demand for funding to support such initiatives and finance infrastructure would increase.

What the DMO says

Patience Oniha expresses the need to raise funds to sponsor a debt project for the development of Nigeria.

She said, “As there is more awareness and more pressure on the government to look at these projects, it means we have to fundraise in our own case. The revenues will be there, but we may also need to borrow to fund these projects, which means we will issue securities that meet these requirements. “

She added that the DMO would focus more on raising funds for public projects like green bonds. She said, “This means that our initial business, the domestic green bond market, is expected to increase. Although we have a total portfolio of N25.69 billion, we still expect to be in the market next year. “

“In the future, the FG would be an active transmitter in the FMDQ green stock exchange and what we need to do is do a lot of awareness raising to have these projects and the funding arrangement approved”, Oniha added.

Bola Onadele, CEO of FMDQ Group, said the company recognizes the opportunities his business presents in terms of promoting sustainable economic growth and development, and understands that long-term business success Ultimately, value creation and prosperity depend not only on financial performance, but also on environmental and social performance.