BARTLETT, Tenn. – Schools in the town of Bartlett will now offer a virtual learning option to students who need to be quarantined due to COVID-19.

The measure was adopted unanimously by the school board during a meeting Thursday evening.

“That means they would be doing regular class work,” said Superintendent Dr. David Stephens. “They would be noted for it and they would not be counted as absent. “

Some parents support the program while others are frustrated with the quarantine policy.

“I am here to try to keep my son safe and to keep their staff, peers, teachers and everyone in this community safe,” said one parent.

“I can’t support my family if I have to watch my son for 14 days and neither can my wife,” said another parent. “We both work. We can’t do this. It’s crazy!”

Tennessee lawmakers banned most forms of virtual learning earlier this year, but Bartlett District officials say the program is allowed because it only serves to quarantine students who have returned to class an once they are clear.

Officials also say the program follows guidelines from the State Board of Education.

“It does not allow us to circumvent the governor’s order,” Stephens said. “This state council authorized that.”

Officials couldn’t tell us how many students are currently in quarantine, but they say only 39 of the district’s roughly 8,500 students have tested positive for COVID.

Other districts like Shelby County Schools offer similar programs.

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